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Packer3d Online Service v.3 performs mixed box, cylinder/drum, and pallet cargo loading plan
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23 May 2009

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Packer3d Online Service v.3 performs mixed box, cylinder/drum, and pallet cargo loading plan optimization for containers, trucks, and railroad cars.

Features: The Packer3d is a online service. Using this you can calculate optimal packing plans on containers, trucks and railroad freight cars. The loads can be a mix of different types of boxes, cylinders and pallets. How efficiently things are packed can make a difference of 5 to 20% of load. The service is based on subscription and is available to registered users only. You can figure out how best to pack a shipping container with the given mix of cargo. How much space will be occupied is calculated. You will get to know if the space is sufficient too. A visual illustration is provided to give you a complete understanding of how exactly things need to be packed into the container/truck etc.

That presents several possibilities that one can figure out from the program. You can find out how much cargo will be necessary to fill an entire delivery vehicle. Depending on the cargo volume how many such container/ truck or railroad freight cars will be needed. You can effectively coordinate and manage your 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider. The process of finding out the situation of your cargo is fairly simple. You need to enter the goods, shipment quantity and its dimensional parameters. Select the container, truck or the railroad freight car you are planning to use or enter details of your own. A 3D loading plan is displayed. You also get a detailed report via email giving you complete details.

Overall: A really useful program for people who ship a lot of things in their daily work.

Publisher's description

The Packer3d Online Service calculates optimal plans for loading different types of boxes, cylinders, and pallets into containers, trucks, and railroad freight cars.
The Service allows:
- to save on transportation, increasing load density by 5%-20% (according to data from our clients);
- to quickly figure out how much space cargo will occupy in a certain container/truck/railroad freight car;
- to figure out the amount of cargo necessary to fill the entire volume of a transport vehicle, without hanging up the phone;
- to select the optimal delivery vehicle;
- to precisely determine the amount of railroad freight cars, trucks, or containers necessary for a large shipment;
- to be absolutely certain that nothing has to be left at the port, if the software calculated that an item will fit, then you may rest assured that it will fit;
- to manage your 3PL operator;
- to know the linear length that your assembled cargo will occupy during transport, ahead of time;
- to reduce the impact of your loader`s condition after the holidays on the density of your loading;
- reduce the amount of breakage;
- detailed functions and capabilities…
1. Enter goods, select shipment`s quantity and parameters.
2. Select a railroad freight car, truck, cargo truck, or container model, or enter one of our own.
3. The loading plan appears on the screen within a few seconds.
4. A report is created, typed, copied, and sent via email.
Packer3d Online Service is accessed through Packer3d Online Client application installed on your computer.
Connecting to Packer3d Online Service is easy:
1. Register on website; registration is free.
2. Download and install the Packer3d Online client application, which is used to access the Packer3d Online Service.
3. Enter your login and password in the Packer3d Online Client application configuration settings.
You can now start using the Packer3d Online Service!
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